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Beat Pushers

Genre: Psychedelic Trance fullon

Hometown: London, UK



Beat Pushers is an audio/visual psychedelic live act who bring a unique cinema experience
to the crowd by creating their own videos, thus adding another dimension to their musc.
It all began in 2011 when Lourenco Amorim (aka FluorEnzo) and Manjit Makhni (aka Dj
Manjit) met while studying Sound Engineering in Central London. Both are veteran party
promoters and old school Djs that have played in clubs and festivals around the globe.
With the same musical tastes and same ideas, they started working together.
After releasing a tech-house music EP "Take me to Ibiza" in December 2011, Beat Pushers
was formed, and they started working on their first psy-trance EP "Psyccadilly Circus",
which released on B.A.B.A records on the 14 April 2012. Oldschool track from this EP also
featured on a Beatport Chart (10 must hear psy-trance tracks of the week 16) and the EP
went for the top 100 releases. The idea of making an audio/visual live act came after
producing the first video-clip, they realised that using psychedelic images with movie clips
synched to audio brought a totally new experience to the audience.
Beat Pushers is a typical result of London's mixed race culture, putting together the talents
of an African born Portuguese/Brazilian with an Indian born Londoner, Beat Pushers is now
ready to deliver a new product to the dance-floors.........






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